Our Story

Moving Day Survival, Inc. was established with the intent to make moving day easier. The idea for our product, a Moving Day Survival Kit® was generated when an elderly family member moved from her home into a new condominium in Coralville, Iowa. She was 88 at the time. The movers came on moving day, boxed her entire household items from a two-story home and garage into a two-bedroom condo, and deposited over a hundred boxes throughout the kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway areas.

When family members arrived to help, they saw a sea of boxes. There were no tools (utility cutter, screwdriver, or scissors) to open the boxes, no identification of what was in the boxes, no tools to put together beds, no drinking cups or toilet paper, and basic essentials needed.

Many trips to the local stores were made to find needed items. Pizza was ordered for the family crew, but no plates, cups, hand soap, paper towels, etc.

One of the family members expressed the thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if people had a “Moving Day Survival Kit” that provided essential items needed all together in one place on the day people moved into their new homes? – a kit that includes all the things we were missing and had to run to the store to buy?” We thought it was a great idea and proceeded to develop our own Moving Day Survival Kit® to make moving day easier for new movers.

We think our Moving Day Survival Kit® is a handy, easily carried, practical and perfect housewarming gift, “welcome to your new home” or closing gift from residential builders, title companies, mortgage lenders, and realtors for their new homeowners, clients, and customers. We’ve tried to make it a quality gift they can be proud to give to their customers – and one that has lasting value, and one their customers won’t soon forget

And, many of our customers send a Moving Day Survival Kit® to their family, friends, and work associates when they move. Anyone moving can appreciate having this handy gift on moving day to make moving in easier, and less stressful.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a memorable, high-quality product; outstanding customer service; and fast delivery.

The Perfect Moving Gift

Practical, useful, and fun to get, new movers love this gift!
With lasting value, they’ll remember your gift for a long time.

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