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7 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Clients Feel Valued

Being a real estate agent is much more complex than people think. There’s quite a unique set of skills one must have to be successful in this profession. Aside from being great at business strategies, you need to be a people person. Forming connections is the basis for being a good real estate agent. With that said, even though not everything can be taught, there are some ways you can connect with your clients, even if you’re not the most social of butterflies. Here are seven tips to make your real estate clients feel valued

1. Get to know your clients

Top-producing real estate agents establish rapport with potential clients and maintain those ties over time. When you build a strong relationship with a client, you can expect recurring and referral business. To stay remembered and have a more satisfying work experience, you need to cultivate genuine relationships with your contacts.

A great way to get to know your clients is to listen. Being a good listener will help you make a lasting impression. When you’re speaking with a potential prospective client, don’t be afraid to jot down notes. Showing that you’re interested in what they’re saying by scribbling it down reassures your customer that you’re actually interested in, and hearing, what they’re saying.


2. Make your real estate clients feel included and understood

To make your real estate clients feel included and understood is not hard.  Engage your clients the following ways to show you are friendly and open-hearted.

  • Use your clients name consciously

Using someone’s name tends to make them feel significant. If you repeat a person’s name in conversation, it conveys that you know who they are and that they’re not just another number to you. (Take care, however, not to overdo it or you may make your client feel patronized).

  • Compliment away

Who doesn’t enjoy being complimented? It’s one of the most obvious and one of the most successful ways to connect with someone. People desire genuine recognition, so don’t be afraid to compliment your clients on their qualities. Perhaps you’ve realized they’re well-read on a particular topic or that they’ve done a fantastic job on a kitchen renovation. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to tell them. Just make sure that you’re speaking from a sincere heart, since forced flattery is easily perceived.

  • Sharing is caring

You can make your clients feel included by sharing your story. Once you’ve shown them you know how to listen, make your real estate clients feel valued by opening up to them. Whatever the story behind your passion for the business you’re in is, chances are, it’ll make you sound reliable and humble. This is something people easily connect to.


3. Be a trustworthy advisor

Clients feel more at ease when you demonstrate your market knowledge. Knowing everything there is to know about other properties on the market they’re browsing is essential when working with a potential client. It would be great if you could walk them through the process step by step. You can also give them tips and resources that they’ll be able to use during this experience. Trust is essential in real estate client-agent relationships

Body language makes a huge difference

Being open and honest with your clients is a huge must in this business. That’s how you’ll gain your real estate clients’ trust and make them feel valued. However, to leave a lasting impression, you must master both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. A critical skill for closing a business deal is knowing what, how, and when to say things. Take soft skill communication and body language lessons if necessary. This can help you better understand your clients and perhaps forecast how they will react in a given situation. It will be a significant advantage in their eyes if you can come up with a solution before the problem even arises.


4. Splurge a bit to show them they’re appreciated

Another great idea is to offer your clients a valuable gift to assist them with their relocation. Many people forget to pack a box of basics for after or during the relocation, so your client will appreciate your consideration. This is something they won’t expect, and it will surely put a smile on their faces. For example, you could get them a gift to help with their upcoming move. There’s no better present than something that’s meant to save you time, money, and energy during a typically stressful time. Talk about making your real estate clients feel valued! If everything goes well, they may refer you to a friend, and you may gain a new client as a result of word-of-mouth. Not to mention a happy customer who will most likely return.


5. Offer them your connections

Sharing a list of the professionals you’ve personally worked with can be a beneficial and practical step. Keep this list on hand at all times. If your client needs help with some other home buying or relocation aspects, you can whip out your list and come to their rescue. Whether they’re looking for a real estate attorney, contractor, stager, inspector, plumber, landscaper, electrician, or a roofer, you need to have the contacts on hand. This will not only make your real estate clients feel valued, but it’ll also make them want to keep in touch and work with you again since you’ll have a history of making their lives easier when they work with you.


6. Check in during the process to make your real estate clients feel valued

Sometimes clients will change their minds about certain relocation decisions but not have the courage to speak up. Of course, you’re not a mind reader, and these changes are impossible to predict. However, checking in more than once and reassuring your real estate clients that it’s okay to change their opinions and go in another direction will make them feel valued for sure.


7. Keep in touch

When good friendships aren’t nurtured regularly, they fade. Business connections work the same way. Don’t lose momentum once you’ve established rapport with your prospects and clients! Keep in touch with regular emails, birthday greetings, and move-in anniversary congratulations. This is a great way to make your real estate clients feel valued and stay on their minds.

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