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Real estate agent’s guide to making a lasting impression

Staying relevant in the harsh world of real estate is a difficult task today. With the added issues because of the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping your clients happy might be more challenging than ever. To help you improve your skills and connect with new clients, here is our real estate agent’s guide to making a lasting impression!


Know your business inside out

Everyone wants to work with a professional who does not have any unknowns in their area of expertise. You must know every corner of the real estate market in your area, and understand the buyer and seller persona, which is crucial in helping your clients make the right decision. If you feel like you need additional expertise in these areas, look for instructional videos or speak with more experienced real estate agents who could impart some of their wisdom to you.


Be completely transparent

Nothing beats an honest conversation. You need to be a person of integrity and confidence to earn the trust of your clients, and the best

way to build a healthy connection with your clients is to be completely transparent.

Cover everything and answer all questions they have. If you don’t have a piece of specific information they need, find it and pass it on to your clients.


Offer a discount or a commission rebate

Buying real estate is expensive. People often spend more than they intended, and offering a cashback or a discount is a nice gesture they will remember. You will earn less, but you will gain more when it comes to client relations.


Impress your clients with a gift they need

Another excellent idea is to reward your clients by sending them a useful gift to help with their relocation. Many people forget to pack a box of essentials they will need after or during the move, and your client will appreciate your thoughtfulness. This is something they will not expect, and it will definitely put a smile on their faces. If everything goes well, they will recommend you to one of their friends, and you might get a new client through word-of-mouth. Not to mention a satisfied client who will likely come back.


Have your clients’ interests in mind

When talking about your clients’ interests, it does not end with their purchase of a home. It includes a lot more. A client has to be satisfied with the entire process, get a reasonable price for their home, experience no delays or unpleasant situations, and finally settle down after closing the deal. Aside from these main components, you can go the extra mile and help them in other ways, like finding a lawyer or interior designer, which will most definitely help you make a lasting impression.


Offer additional help for your clients

As mentioned earlier, you can offer a lot more than just helping your clients purchase a home. The relocation process is the next step after closing the deal, and it’s probably a big thorn in their sides. It can be messy, long, and expensive.

While communication with your clients will mostly revolve around their questions and your answers, if you also give them tips and resources to help them organize a smooth relocation, they will be forever grateful. It’s also a good idea to get to know a few people who work for affordable licensed moving companies and recommend them to your clients if needed. This action has more value to you than just making a lasting impression. You will also gain partners in the moving industry who can recommend you to their clients as well.


The importance of body language and soft communication skills

We spoke earlier about being transparent with your clients. However, to build a lasting impression, you need to become a master of verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Knowing not only what to say but also how and when to say it is a crucial skill required for making a business deal. If needed, take lessons on soft skill communication and body language. That will help you understand your clients better and even predict their response to a specific situation. If you can come up with an answer before the problem even occurs, that will be a big plus in their eyes.

An excellent way to practice this is to go through bad and good examples of business communication and practice speaking to the mirror. It may sound silly, but it is very effective.


Be engaging and punctual

Finally, as the last bit of advice to help you to build a lasting impression, learn to drive the deal, and be engaging. Clients often don’t know what to do in a specific situation, and they need help with making a decision. If you are waiting for them to make the call, things can stretch out. However, it is crucial to understand that this does not mean you need to be pushy and rush their decisions. Simply be there to give them a nudge in the right direction if it feels like they need one.

Additionally, make sure you are punctual with your appointments and schedules. In spite of possible delays in the process, you can at least make sure that your end of the deal is always done on time.


A few closing words

We are at the end of this brief, yet very useful, real estate agent’s guide to making a lasting impression. Let’s do a quick summary so that you have all the information in one place:

  • know your business and duties inside out — your clients must see the determination and knowledge you possess;
  • be transparent with everything, and answer all questions as soon as possible;
  • offer a commission rebate or a discount;
  • or even better, a gift they will definitely need;
  • your clients’ interests always come first — make sure they know that;
  • offer your advice and useful moving tips to help them even after the purchase is complete;
  • be communicative;
  • Be energetic, engaging, and punctual.

By following these useful tips, you should be able to build a lasting impression and make a name for yourself in the real estate business, consequently attracting more clients. Good luck!


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