21 Moving Day Essentials

Moving day essentials consist of items that are a must have when it comes to packing, unloading, and unpacking. Here we have listed the twenty-one items that are included in the Moving Day Survival Kit® and why they are deemed necessary to survive any move. Whether the move is residential, commercial, or even for college, this Kit has exactly what is needed on moving day.

#21 Thermos 24-Can Insulated Leak-Proof Cooler

What would a Moving Day Survival Kit® be without a place to keep refreshments cold? Also, maybe all the perishables weren€™t eaten before unpacking the refrigerator. Packing a cooler is a great way to save these items from spoiling or for keeping lunch fresh.

#20 6-inch Slip Pliers

When moving into a new home, pliers can definitely come in handy. From removing nails that the previous owners/renters left behind to unscrewing bolts, they are a must have.

#19 6-In-1 Screwdriver

This is a moving day essential that no one should forget. Especially if the couch with the legs on won€™t fit through the front door. Of course a screwdriver can be the only way to remove them, and no one should leave their sectional on the front lawn.

#18 Full-Size Utility Knife

A Moving Day Survival Kit® isn€™t fully effective without a utility knife to open the many boxes that were carefully packed. It comes in very handy in an unpacking frenzy.

#17 16-Foot Tape Measure

A tape measure is a moving day essential that is sure to be used when trying to figure out what will fit where. Arranging furniture multiple times can be avoided if there€™s a plan to make it work best in the first place. Like the carpenter saying goes, €œmeasure twice, cut once€, when moving it€™s important to €œmeasure twice, move once.€

#16 8-Ounce Claw Hammer

Moving into a new house wouldn€™t be complete without being able to hang items such as pictures, mirrors, or even a wall mount. How can anyone survive without a nicely weighted hammer? We don€™t know either.

#15 First Aid Kit

A moving day kit with another kit included? Yeah that€™s right. Our Kit comes with first aid materials that can help mend minor moving day injuries. Like they say, be prepared.

#14 Liquid Hand Soap

A germ-free move is a successful move and that€™s where liquid hand soap becomes a moving day essential. Moving furniture and loading boxes can be dirty work and no one wants to eat pizza with all that grime on their hands.

#13 Door Stop

Another item that should be on a new mover€™s checklist on moving day is a door stop. It can come into play when coordinating furniture through main entryways. Instead of waiting for someone and wasting manpower to hold the door, the door€™s already open. So simple, yet so handy.

#14 Note Pad

There€™s always a need to have something to write on, especially to keep track of a moving day checklist. A notepad can prevent writing on other paper products that really doesn€™t translate well.

#11 Pen

How can anyone check off items from their moving day list without a working pen?  A pen might also be needed to sign a check to pay the movers or to label a box that was packed at the last minute.

#10 Paper Plates

#9 Paper Cups

#8 Paper Towels

#7 Plastic Cutlery

All of these items are essentials any mover would need to survive moving day. These disposable items save the work of doing a full load of dishes.  Whether ordering take out or eating a pre-packed lunch, serving on paper saves time and is much easier and less stressful.

#6 Bathroom Tissue

It€™s highly doubtful that this item will be supplied upon arrival when moving into a new house. How can new movers take care of business, if they can€™t take care of business?

#5 Facial Tissues

It seems there is always a runny nose running around somewhere!  A cough, a sneeze, and where is that tissue when needed?  No need to worry, our Kit has three packages, one for everyone, or three to share.

#4 Dish Detergent

It might seem that dish detergent is not very necessary in a moving day kit, but we disagree. It€™s great for removing grime from most surfaces. It can also clean any dirty dishes that you need to return to those friendly new neighbors, even if you packed paper items.

#3 Kitchen Sponge

This moving day essential is as necessary as the dish detergent put on it. With scrubbing power and cleaning abilities for multiple surfaces, it can cut down on any residue left behind by previous owners. A clean home is a happy home.

#2 Trash Bags

Moving into a new home can be messy and what better way to remove the mess than trash bags? These can also be used to store items or keep them dry if moving day happens to have a sudden torrential down pour.

#1 Deck of Playing Cards

Once the moving day checklist is complete it€™s time for stress relief.  Playing cards is a great way to take a load off, after numerous loads, and entertain family and friends with a game of slap jack or crazy eights.


We have listed all twenty-one items supplied in the Moving Day Survival Kit® and their purpose. Now it is obvious why these are all necessary to have in order to survive a move. Whether it be residential, commercial, or even off to college, a strong move needs a strong kit to go along with it. Happy moving everyone!

Save time, money, and hassle on moving day!